Yealink Conference Phones Bahrain

Yealink offer next-generation Audio conference phones with enhanced display and Audio pickup quality. Yealink conference phones in Bahrain combine advance design with quality. There are several advanced features included with Yealink conference phone models.HD Voice quality,  joint calls, Meeting recording, Wireless networking, Bluetooth, Touch Screen, and 360-degree voice pickup features offer multifunctional user experience to small and large-sized meeting rooms.

The First conference phone product yealink introduced is the Yealink C0860 Conference Phone. Recently Yealink comes up with CP960 conference Phone and CP920 Conference Phone. All the yealink conference phones are best known for a wide range and dead-zone-free voice pickup. With Yealink Conference Phones in Manama, conference participants can attend the conference extraordinarily clear and balanced sound quality. These performance-oriented conference phones reproduce voices for day-to-day business conferences. All the yealink conference phones are capable expand the voice pickup range with Expansion microphones.

Yealink Conference Phones BahrainYealink conference phones are future proof with the ability to expand in the future, All the yealink conference phones are capable expand the voice pickup range with Expansion microphones.

The key of a productive audio conferencing is the efficiency and to minimize distractions. The Yealink Noice Proof Technology reduces constant background noise from sources such as typing, air conditioners, etc. Noise Proof can automatically mute the microphone until a Human voice detected. These features help you to have a  clear-and-easy conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants. If Your Goal is HD audio quality for everyone in the meeting, Then don’t look further. Choose the Yealink Conference phone for your conference room.

All The Yealink Conference Phones in Qtar are SIP protocol supported. This allows you to use yealink conference phones with virtually any modern telephone System that support SIP Protocol. If You Have old Analog PABX System,yealink Conference phones still can use with CPN10 Analog Adaptor. CPN10 analog adaptor helps you to use these phones with PSTN lines or Analog Extensions.

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