Alcatel Lucent Telephone Systems Bahrain

Alcatel Business Telephony Solutions in Bahrain helps you maintain the most important aspect of your business, that is communication. Communication is not only essential when you are dealing with your customers, but it is also an important part of your business when you have a big team that needs to communicate with itself. Without communication, your team is not as efficient as you would like them to be. So what is the use of a big team if you can’t make it efficient enough? That is why Alcatel Systems team always puts reliability and responsiveness first in their telephony solutions. Alcatel PBX System and Phones give complete leverage to your organization communication needs.

Alcatel Telephone Systems integrate voice communications, Data Network, Unified Communications, and Conferencing into one highly efficient solution. Alcatel Phone System is designed to be scalable and you can easily scale the system from your SMB to Large Business Model. It enables you to reduce costs and overheads related to upgrading of the telephone system. Alcatel PBX/ PABX Systems are high-performance reliable communication solution with an affordable price tag. Whether it is an SMB, Enterprise, Hotel or Airport Alcatel have the system to match your needs.

Businesses have evolved a lot since the past decades. So has the management of a company. The concept of teamwork has changed too. Earlier people used to stuff themselves in a room and work on a certain project for hours on end. The roles and responsibilities of each member were not clear, and it took a lot of grit from members to complete their work within time if they managed to do it.

Things have certainly changed now,  with more and more startups emerging and lean business management taking top priority, the demand for efficient business management is very high. That is why teams today have strict deadlines with a clear division of labor among the leader and his team. Teams today no longer operate within a single room, rather they work from home, on-site, from corridors or any place their work demands them to be.

Teams are always on the move; hence communication between them have taken top priority in management. Everybody today has a smartphone or two and to keep the conversation going between the employees and the team leaders, there has been a range of products from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprises such as the innovative desk phones, the cordless phones, and softphones.

The telephone systems have been designed to be customer-centric. Customers are often restless nowadays. They want answers, and they want answers fast. They always want to talk to the right people at the right time, and they often can’t be satisfied with emails and feedback messages. That is why the reliable call routing and group feature helps you connect both internal and external contacts to your team members wherever they are currently situated.

The Alcatel Telephone systems Bahrain is also very cost effective by leveraging the IP networks that offer high speeds and cheap access to various locations. It also helps you expand and optimize your global and local operations with ‘Centralized’ Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise systems with cloud connectivity and easy access.

alcatel pbx system

The ALCATEL PBX Systems in Manama have also been designed to be future proof to help protect your investment. The various platforms such as Open Touch and OmniPCX are very easily adaptable, cloud-connected with Unified Communications and made to be scalable as and when required. Makes sense, since the way technology has been progressing it is better to go all guns blazing. You never know what your competitor might come out with suddenly. So with this product, you are now always one step ahead of them.

There are various reasons why people prefer Alcatel-Lucent Telephone systems. Some of these are listed below-

  • Extremely simple and user-friendly- When you are looking for work to be effective and quick you would prefer devices that are easy to use and hassle-free. That is why the Alcatel-Lucent devices are so designed that people from all age demographics could easily use it to their advantage. When devices are easy to operate things get done quickly and a large amount of time is saved. Moreover, you do not have to go around looking to hire staff who are competent enough to handle the devices.
  • Efficient and reliable-One thing is for certain. You can rely on Alcatel-Lucent devices to deliver for you always. Features such as ‘server redundancy,’ ‘local full featured’ redundancy and ‘networked’ systems help offer availability for critical mission operations always. So you needn’t worry about such a crucial moment in your business as it will be handled with care by the Alcatel-Lucent services.
  • Cost-effective design options- With a hybrid connectivity system combining analog, digital and IP connectivity and mechanical systems that are scalable the devices are very cost effective which reduce unnecessary expenditures and also help you to reduce the amount of investment you need to do upfront to help set it all up.
  • Allround flexible models-The various options such as Cloud-based integration and collaboration, also the Open Touch applications and OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud communication, all services are open to everyone any time, all the time. Just take your pick, carefully evaluate your requirements and have a go at it.

Alcatel Business Telephones

alcatel telephones BahrainThe various types of systems that Alcatel-Lucent provides are as follows

  • WLAN handsets- Using your wireless Local Area Network to transfer voice communications over WLAN WiFi handsets which helps you to increase staff mobility.
  • OmniPCX Open Gateway- This helps you to easily integrate your communications into applications or processes that are essential for your business.
  • IP Desktop Softphone- An extremely simple and easy way to bring all the features of a desk phone to your personal computer or your smartphone.
  • Premium Deskphones- These are traditional desk phone systems with a contemporary touch. They have an elegant and ergonomic design and are guaranteed to give you an excellent communication experience.
  • Conferencing- With this dedicated IP conference phone you are guaranteed to enjoy better conference call qualities. You can also integrate it with your desktop, PC or smartphone with the help of conferencing modules to help you conduct your business at your convenience.
  • Deskphones- Alcatel-Lucent also provides entry-level desk phones if you want something with a little short feature list but still efficient and useful nonetheless. It also provides you with high-quality audio to enjoy your calls.
  • IP security modules- These devices are mounted on a rack and help you to conduct IP based business communication and has a robust defense system against cyber attacks such as information theft.
  • DECT Handsets- These handsets are made to keep onsite mobility a reality instead of luxury in all business approaches.